Police and Public Safety Psychology

Police and Public Safety Psychology

We hold the most extensive experience in the region regarding police and public safety psychology. We have worked with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department, El Paso Police Department, the El Paso Community College Law Enforcement Academy, and law enforcement entities ranging from small departments to the federal level. We also have extensive experience working with Fire Services agencies and personnel. Our expertise is used to develop policies, inform trauma response, implement stress management methods, oversee trainings, and conduct pre-employment screenings and evaluations on fitness for duty.

Public Safety Psychology Services


For pre-employment evaluations, we assess personality, motivation for employment, stress management skills and more. Fitness for duty evaluations are conducted to ensure a safe return to the workforce.

Clinical Intervention

In the event of a critical incident or particularly high-stress event, clinical intervention can be used to help debrief those involved and incorporate counseling sessions as part of trauma response.

Operational Support

In high-stress and unpredictable scenarios such as interacting with persons with mental illness, it’s critical that law enforcement and public safety officers have well-developed assessment skills and intervention plans. We provide training and support in controlled settings to help hone these skills for future scenarios.

Organizational Consultation

Our services are available to consult on trainings, policies, and other operational needs with the goal of improving efficiency and incorporating research-backed best practices.


Dr. Ontiveros is a Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) certified trainer.

Expert Consultation

For legal proceedings, administrative hearings, and risk management-related matters.