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Individual, Relationship, Family, and Crisis Counseling

We live in a very challenging world. It is not always easy to decide how to move forward. It is not always easy to calm our nerves. Or muster up courage. Or find the energy to tackle all the things we need to do. Counseling can help.

We offer solution-oriented counseling by trained staff counselors. Our services are confidential and affordable with self-pay options. For new clients, we start with a consultation to understand the challenge or issue you’d like support working through. Through a series of assessments and sessions, we’ll work with you to determine the appropriate solutions or ongoing therapy to help you navigate and resolve the issue you face.

Some reasons for seeking counseling

Health Issues

We can help you work through a new diagnosis or chronic illness and develop coping strategies and ways to move forward.

Family Issues

If you’re facing a new family dynamic with a blended family or struggling with parenting challenges, we can help you assess the situation and implement strategies to make improvements.

Marital Issues

While couples therapy is a valuable resource, individual counseling may help you process the personal challenges you may be bringing into the marriage.

Career Issues

We can help you work through feelings of imposter syndrome or perceived professional limitations and identify a path forward.

Alcohol/Substance Issues

Counseling may be a viable option to assist you in dealing with an alcohol or substance abuse issue. Similarly it can be a great support tool for those watching a loved one struggle with an addiction.

Mental/Emotional Issues

Counseling can be a tool to help deal with mental health issues like depression, in conjunction with medication prescribed by your primary care physician.

Stress/Anxiety Issues

Stress and anxiety can negatively impact all aspects of your life. We can help you pinpoint triggers and establish healthy coping mechanisms.


Loss (of a loved one, a career, a goal) can upend your entire life or view of the world. Loss and trauma can leave you feeling isolated and anxious, or turning to unhealthy ways of coping. We can assist you through dark and lonely days.

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