Employee Assistance Programs

Employee Assistance Programs

We offer Employee Assistance Program services to organizations in the El Paso area and larger West Texas region. An EAP is a workplace-based program developed to help organizations address productivity issues and ensure employees have the resources needed to resolve any external issues — including those relating to the marriage and family, alcohol or substance use, financial, legal, or mental/emotional — that may negatively impact their workplace performance.

Employee Assistance Program Protocol


Ongoing rapport with employees and proactive assessment of employee performance can pinpoint any potential issues that may arise in the work environment, in colleague interactions, or overall job performance.


Pinpointing a performance issue is only half of the work. It is also necessary to understand and address the root cause of the issue. Constructive and confidential confrontation can be necessary to identify potential sources of conflict.


With root causes determined, the employee can be directed or referred to appropriate resources and professionals can who can help resolve the issues and provide guidance on a path forward.