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WellConnect is an El Paso based team of mental health professionals. We provide counseling, employee assistance programs for worksites, and public safety psychological services. We have been serving our community since 2000. We are the largest and most experienced EAP and public safety psychological practice in West Texas.

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Our Professionals

Our team of staff counselors offer a wealth of expertise built from clinical study and professional development in prior career paths including law enforcement, military service, and education.

Counselor's Corner
Counselor's Corner

Our collection of blogs written by our team and experts in the industry.

Golden Friendships and "Goodbye" Friendships by William Belgie (Sgt. Major, ret)

“Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.” - Girl Scout Camp song

For many, COVID has impacted both the quantity and quality of friendships. Many of us have discovered we have lost contact and need to re-establish connections with friends. As the social distancing COVID era wains, we have an opportunity to re-establish and develop new friendships. It also provides a chance to consider friendship’s role in our overall mental and physical well-being. During COVID, many weddings, funerals, and other social events have been shared by social media with those unable or unwilling to attend. Social media has been useful since it allowed many to participate in these significant life milestones, even vicariously. For some, our circle of friendship actually expanded

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